It is OK to cut toxic people out

In light of 2020 sort of being a turning point in many people’s lives and making them see what is really good for them and what has actually been negative for them, I write this post in hope to help people who are surrounded by people who make them feel bad, lower their standards and even self-worth to become strong enough to say “No, it is OK to cut these people off”.

Or more so distance yourself more from the relationship to avoid the pain and hurt.

It is not an easy journey you will be on, because it could be friends or family members that will be cut off. But I am not here to tell you who to cut off, in yourself you will know who are the culprits in your downfall and have a distinct gut feeling when you are around them to know this. So have a think and remind yourself you are great and if certain people cannot see your shine, let them go.

For me example with me, If I already feel like there is a pattern in a relationship friendship even family, I will cut them out. Not in the sense where I will be rude and tell them to F off because that is not my personality unless the action was truly horrendous. I will still be polite enough when I see them in public to greet but as from the moment I realize the relationship is not good for me, I will cut it off because you need people who are going to make you happy and bring you up. Someone who cannot take criticism and move on without an argument or tell you you’re not good enough at something are people who don’t care too much for your well-being.

The reality is that the percentage of people pretend to be adults when a simple conversation can’t be held if there is an issue. Can we not talk about a problem rather than backbiting, or ghosting each other?

I love the idea of a “real friendship” the ones you see on television. The fights happen and sometimes truths are told but they always become friends again even if they don’t talk for a month or two. They learn to realize that whatever happened was a truth not to hurt the other person but to maybe make them see something in their eyes as a friend that needed to be addressed.

Does understanding a person’s life and their individual flaws not only make them human and you human? Everyone in this life is going through some type of problem and we all need people who are positive enough and believing enough to support us. So let us take a step back if we cannot talk out a problem to a friend or family member for them to see the hurt they cause us, to rather say maybe it’s time to distance our relationship and maybe even one day save the relationship with real talk and un-hurtful conversations when the time is right.

Self-doubt is contagious – so be careful of who you spend your time with.

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