Rolls with my stretch marks please.

Dear squeezable tummy rolls…

You are a part of my life.

You remind me that I do not fit in to this world of advertisement, social media and movies.

That if these things did not exsist that maybe I would be ‘desirable’ and I wouldnt be fighting myself on a daily to fit in to this warped world image of what a womans body should looks like. But I realized that these perfections do not really exisit.

You grew with my babies and you fell back when I needed to remind myself that I wished for my younger days and dieted and exercised like mad.

What I didnt realize is that the people who really mattered in my life didnt care about the buldge of my waist but rather the bulges of food we ate together as friends or family round the table, whilst laughter was spread.

This is what is important is happiness and acceptance.

Yes you move and jiggle when I laugh or jump, but you are a constant reminder that I am part of a bigger picture. The picture of motherhood.

Yes my lovely rolls you and I have been through it all, and I will appreciate and love you forever.

You are my womanhood.

You are my curves and sexuality, the thing my partner holds on to when we slow dance or when we make love.

So thanks for being there, and if that one fine day comes when that pin of how to loose belly fat in 30 days works. I cant say I will miss you, no offence.

Stretch marks are on 80% of woman around the world.

My dear stretch marks…

80% of woman have you and you are caused by a number of things like stomach stretching during pregnancy, a growth spurt, building muscle too quickly and weight gain. We have tried many creams to get rid of you, but how many have actually worked? Probably none.

But I have decided to let you stay because your remind me of only good memories. A map reminding me where I have been and with who I spent that time with.

 “We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t fix a stretch mark.”

Joubin Gabbay, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

You are apart of me being a human, and how absolutely beautiful this story of you and I is. A story of strength, fear and sometimes sadness too. I am a woman who is real, diverse and a tigress not some photoshopped ad.

I am as proud of you as I am of my kids, that goes to my whole body. We have definately been through alot and we are still here. Our journey is still going and I am happy that I have learned to love you, and learnt to love those late night snacks too.

PS: you are the only tatoo that I will ever be allowed to have.

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