‘FLAWED’ by Serafima Serafimova

Serafima Serafimova has created ‘FLAWED’, a bold animation that celebrates the self-perceived flaws of women in their 30’s.

The animation reveals the private rituals we perform in front of the mirror to cope with our body-related insecurities, in the hope to encourage positive self-reflection and acceptance. The animation uses a pink color scheme evoking vulnerability, combined with rotoscoping techniques and cell animation to create tactile fluidity.

It reveals the insecurities of 20 women (including the animator herself) through the rituals they perform in front of the mirror – from flicking hair off the face to examining the scars of a mastectomy – in an attempt to encourage others to embrace who they are, as they are. 

The idea behind ‘​FLAWED’ came from a casual remark by Serafimova’s partner, pointing out  that she made a different face when she looked at herself in the mirror. “I became aware of the  fact that whenever I came across even a vaguely reflective surface I sucked in my neck and stomach and tilted my head to a more flattering angle.

I recognized that this was a futile routine I performed solely for my own benefit, which made me wonder if other women do the same to cope with their own body-related hang ups”. Reaching out to other women, Serafimova asked them to open up about their own physical insecurities, which in turn formed the main inspiration for the animation. She captured moments where they confronted their own perceived flaws in front of the mirror in order to encourage others to accept their own and lessen the negative impact, they have on their self-worth.

This animation speaks words even though it doesn’t have any. Impactful and meaningful. We all have insecurities and flaws and secret rituals we do as woman. It does not make us any less attractive or less a woman. It shows that we are all connected in one way or another and as woman we need to stand together to support each other and build each other up, instead of bringing each other down. Nearing the end of woman’s month, I urge all of you to make each month a woman’s month. We can only grow with the support of others strong, ‘flawed’ and amazing woman behind us.

Follow Serafima Serafimova on IG.

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